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Ancestry of Larry Vizenor and Teresa Reuter

Descent of Larry Vizenor from Pierre Vezina


Larry C. Vizenor 

b. Feb. 14, 1949



Married:  Teresa E. Reuter; January 7, 1972

Children:  Lowell T., b.1973; Tara M., b. 1976; Louis F., b. 1987

Parents:  Leo Vizenor and Mildred Landgren

Remarks:  Refer to Story/Deigh


Leo E. Vizenor

b.  Nov. 15, 1913, White Earth, MN

d.  July, 1984, Detroit Lakes, MN

Buried:  Oak Grove Cemetery, Detroit Lakes, MN

Married:   Mildred Landgren

Children:  Lorraine, Jeanette, Larry

Parents:  Louis Vizenor and Kate Maggie Fairbanks

Remarks:  Refer to Story/ Deigh's Dad


Louis Vizenor

b.  1880

d.  1953

Buried:  Catholic Cemetery, White Earth, MN

Married:  Kate Maggie Fairbanks

Children:  Maynard, b.1906; Irene, b.1908; Albert, b.1908; Earl, b.1912; Leo, b.1913; Emil (Hank), b. 1915; Edgar(Jim), b.1917; Doris, b.1921

Parents:  Pierre (Peter) Vezina and Sophia Trotterchaud 



Pierre Vezina

b. About 1835 (1870 census) 



Married: Sophia Trotterchaud (born about 1850, Little Rock, MN.  Daughter of Peter Trotterchaud and Angelique Blair). Angelique Blair was the daughter of Alexander Blair b. abt. 1800 and Margaret Masay / Machay .

Children: Peter Jr., b.1864; Mary Anne, b.1865; William, b.1867; Abraham, b.1869; Mitchell, b. 1871; Angelique, b.1872; Francois, b.1873; Rosier, b.1875; Joseph, b.1879; Louis, b.1880; Henry, b.1883; Robert Charles b. 1888


As of this time, there has not been found documentery evidence that establishes the parents of Pierre Vezina.
However, it should be noted that it is the estimation of Emil L'Homme and Rick Vezina (both knowledgeable on French Canadian church records) that the Pierre Vezina who immigrated 1855 to the United States was likely Pierre Vezina, born 1834, the seventh male child of the farmer, Laurent Vezina (Nicolas, Charles, Nicolas, Francois 1, Jacques) of Roch L'Achigan, Quebec, Canada and wife Suzanne Perrault. Both L'Homme and Vezina make note of the absence of any marriage or death records in Canada for Pierre Vezina, born 1834, the son of Laurent Vezina. It should also be noted that the 1834 birthdate is consistent with the age of Peter Visnor of Benton county,  as shown on the 1870 Minnesota census.    

Remarks:   Sophia Trotterchaud had two more children with a fellow named Pelland.    


Peter Visner Naturalization Doc.

Larry Vizenor

Larry Vizenor and Teresa Reuter
Married January 7, 1972

Louis, Lowell and Tara Vizenor
Children of Teri and Larry Vizenor, September 22, 2002

Leo Vizenor

Mildred Landgren and Leo Vizenor
Married 1939

Leo Vizenor Family, 1984
Jeanette, Mildred (mother), Larry and Lorraine

Louis Vizenor

Louis Vizenor, b. 1880 (son of Pierre)
Photo courtesy of Doreen Vizenor (Jim, Louis, Pierre)

Sophie Trotterchaud Vizenor

Sophia Trotterchaud, 1846-1922
Wife of Pierre Vezina

Photo courtesy of Maryjo Mollergren Gresko

Additional Vizenor Photos Below (Click)

L-R Adults: Louis Vizenor, Kate Fairbanks Vizenor, Mrs. Jim Vizenor, Jim (Edgar) Vizenor, Doris Vizenor Schons, Gregory Schons, Mrs. Henry Vizenor, Henry Vizenor, Earl Vizenor, Mrs. Earl Vizenor, Alex Brunner

Louis Vizenor (son of Pierre) and Kate Fairbanks (Robt J , George, John H)

Vizenor Brothers I. Back L-R Unknown, Peter Vizenor Jr. (son of Pierre), Abraham Vizenor (son of Pierre). Front L-R Mitchell Vizenor (son of Pierre), Unknown. Photo courtesy of LaVaun Vizenor Gustafson (Leander, Abraham, Pierre).

Vizenor Brothers II. Back L-R Peter Vizenor Jr. (son of Pierre), Mitchell Vizenor (son of Pierre). Front L-R Arthur-Peter Vizenor (Peter Jr., Pierre), Unknown. Photo courtesy of Pauline Boldt Vizenor.

Louis Vizenor. L-R Louis Vizenor (son of Pierre), Mrs. Brunner, Kate Fairbanks Vizenor (wife of Louis). Photo courtesy of Doreen Vizenor ( Jim, Louis, Pierre).

Leo Vizenor. L-R Marcel Fairbanks (Albert, Robert J., George, John H.), Leo Vizenor (Louis, Pierre), Alex Brunner, Irene Vizenor Brunner (Louis, Pierre). Photo courtesy of Tom Fairbanks ( Dewey, Albert, Robert J.,George, John H.)

Children of Louis Vizenor (son of Pierre) Back L-R Jim Vizenor, Leo Vizenor, Maynard Vizenor. Front Irene Vizenor Brunner.

Vizenor Lake, White Earth, Mn. Photo courtesy of Delerine Vizenor Bieth ( Robert-Charles, Pierre).

Peter Visnor (Pierre Vezina) 1870 Minnesota Census, Benton County

Peter Viznor (Pierre Vezina) Land Sales (I) St Cloud, Mn

Peter Viznor (Pierre Vezina) Land Sales (II) St Cloud, Mn

Vizenor (Vezina) Haplotype (Family Tree DNA)

Vizenor (Vezina) Haplogroup (Family Tree DNA)

Descendants of Jacques Vezinat ou Voisenat from Puyravault, France who settled 1659 in L'Ange Guardian, Quebec, Canada.

Jacques Vezinat (Voisenat) Biography (North American Common Ancestor)

Canadian Anusim Project ( French Canadian families having Middle Eastern J, E3b, and G haplogroup Y chromosomes)

Additional Trotterchaud Photos Below (Click)

Trotochaud Website

Peter and Angeline Trotterchaud Gravesite, Calvary Cemetary, White Earth, Minnesota.

L-R Herman and Joseph Trotterchaud

Joseph Trotterchaud Cabin, Callaway, Mn

Trotterchaud Lake I , Callaway, Mn

Trotterchaud Lake II , Callaway, Mn

Joseph Trotterchaud Cabin and Granary, Callaway, MN

Peter Trotterchaud Jr. (St. Cloud Journal)




Larry Vizenor test results


Recently ordered the Family Finder genealogical test from Family Tree DNA.

Family Finder test examines all of one's chromosomes in terms of their geographic origins.

A few interesting and unexpected results:

(1) Legally I am 5/32 (16%) Native American. However, since I actually only possess 6.52% Native American chromosomes, it seems my father's Native American chromosomes, due to recombination in gametogenesis, were largely excluded from the sperm cell from which i originated.

(2) Many French Canadian families are descended of Sephardic Jews and it appears I got my fair share of Hebrew chromosomes.

(3) The 71.83 % Finnish - Russian conection mostly derives from my Scandinavian mother. Scandinavians are a part of the Finnish - Russian continental population sub-group.

Since my mother constitutes 50% of my genetic makeup the remaining 21.83 % ( 71.83 % - 50.00 % = 21.83 %) would be from my father's French and English ancestry.


Family Finder test results for Larry Vizenor:

The Population Finder program determines your biogeographical ancestry — the story of your personal genetic history — by comparing your autosomal DNA to that of our world DNA population database.
Your Population Finder results consist of up to four out of seven continental groups.* For each, the percentage of your genome that matches is shown. You may view your results as either a stacked bar or pie chart.
Where possible, we list specific subgroups such as Basque and Bedouin or subregions such as Western Europe. More Info.
* The seven continental groups are based on genetic similarity and do not precisely match geographical continents.

(1) Europe:

Finnish, Russian



(2) Native American:

Surui, Columbian, Maya



(3) Middle East (Jewish):




Larry Vizenor (Mildred Landgren, Annie Haslerud, Margaret Linden)  mtDNA test results below:
mtDNA haplogroup T2
The last Russian Tsar, Nicholas II, has been shown to be of Haplogroup T,
specifically subclade T2. This was established when genetic testing was done
on his remains to authenticate his identity. Assuming all relevant pedigrees
are correct, this includes all female-line descendants of his female line
ancestor Barbara of Celje (1390-1451), wife of Sigismund, Holy Roman
Emperor. This includes a great number of European nobles, including George I
of Great Britain and Frederick William I of Prussia (through the Electress
Sophia of Hanover), Charles I of England, George III of the United Kingdom,
George V of the United Kingdom, Charles X Gustav of Sweden, Gustavus
Adolphus of Sweden, Maurice of Nassau, Prince of Orange, Olav V of Norway,
and George I of Greece. Many European royals have been found to be of this
mtDNA Haplogroup, in addition to Haplogroup H (mtDNA).
The American outlaw Jesse James has been shown to be of subclade T2.